mercoledì 23 novembre 2011

Goodnight nobody

For Kate Klein, a semi-accidental mother of three, suburbia's been full of unpleasant surprises. Her once-loving husband is hardly ever home. The supermommies on the playground routinely snub her. Her days are spent carpooling, and at night, most of her orgasms are of the do-it-yourself variety.
When a fellow mother is murdered, Kate finds that the unsolved mystery is one of the most interesting things to happen in Upchurch. She launches an unofficial investigation with the help of her hilarious best friend, carpet heiress Janie Segal, and Evan McKenna, a former flame she thought she'd left behind in New York City.
As the search for the killer progresses, Kate is drawn deeper into the murdered woman's double life. She discovers the secrets and lies behind Upchurch's placid picket-fence facade — and the choices and compromises all modern women make as they navigate between independence and obligation, small towns and big cities, being a mother and having a life of one's own.
Engrossing, suspenseful, and laugh-out-loud funny, Goodnight Nobody is another unputdownable, timely tale; an insightful mystery with a great heart and a narrator you'll never forget.

Questo weekend ho finalmente finito il mio primo libro in inglese dell'anno… non vi dico quando l'ho iniziato, vi basti sapere che era il 2006. Lo avevo poi un po' accantonato, per poi riprenderlo ultimamente dato che il viaggio nell'inferno che sto facendo con lo 'Stagno di fuoco' mi sta davvero stufando!!! Di questa autrice avevo già letto 'Brava a letto', prestatomi da Silvia e lo avevo trovato divertente (non esilarante come la kinsella, ma piacevole). Anche questo non è stato male, sono riuscita a leggerlo abbastanza bene nonostante il mio pessimo inglese…

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